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FreeReport 2.2 & 2.32, FastReport VCL 2.4 and FastReport CLX features comparison table

Features FreeReport 2.2 FreeReport 2.3 FastReport 2.46 FastReport CLX b2
Script language No Yes Yes Yes
Syntax hilightning in Script editor No Yes Yes Yes
Change band datasource from script No No Yes Yes
Access from script to objects that placed on other pages of the report No No Yes Yes
FORMATTEXT function, FOR operator, EXIT, INC and DEC procedures in FastReport Pascal No No Yes Yes
Interbase Express (IBX), IBObjects, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) support No Yes support more dbs support more dbs
Delphi6 dbExpress DBXComponents No No Yes Yes
Object Inspector simple simple advanced advanced
Cross-tab reports No basic advanced basic (yet)
Dialogs No No Yes Yes
Line style No Yes Yes Yes
BarCode No Yes Yes Yes
RTF 2.0 No Yes Yes No
TfrPreview component for creating custom preview windows No Yes Yes Yes
TfrRoundRectObject No Yes Yes Yes
TfrPrintTable component No No Yes Yes
BandAlign property of all report objects No No Yes Yes
Options for "Text" object: line and char spacing, top and left gaps, "Suppress repeated values" option No No Yes Yes
Restrict object editing, moving, resizing, deleting No No Yes Yes
Restrict some designer operations programmatically (moving, resizing, editing, deleting, saving, loading and etc) No No Yes Yes
"Columns" property for data-bands No No Yes Yes
Child bands No No Yes Yes
Option for bands: PrintChildIfInvisible No No Yes Yes
Property of GroupHeader band: Master No No Yes Yes
Data dictionary No No Yes Yes
Property of Text object: HideZeros No No Yes Yes
TfrReport.OnObjectClick event No No Yes Yes
TfrReport.MDIPreview property No No Yes Yes
Property TfrReport.PrintIfEmpty TfrDesigner.OpenDir, SaveDir No No Yes Yes
TfrPage.Visible property No No Yes Yes
Export filters txt txt, htm, csv, rtf txt, htm, csv, rtf, xls,etc txt, htm, csv, rtf, xls,etc
International languages 2 8 21 21
Object Inspector localization No No Yes Yes
Support of several languages at one time No No Yes No
Support of right-to-left languages No No Yes Yes


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